Natural stone is one of the most durable of all floorings when properly installed, the toughness combined with the natural beauty of the stone makes it the material of choice where quality, style and character is important.

  • Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. Each individual tile has unique characteristics.
    Travertine is available in filled or unfilled.
  • Limestone is a sedimentary rock. Due to the vast variety of colours available, limestone floor tiles are increasingly popular for hallways and kitchen flooring.
    Limestone is available in honed, polished and brushed finishes and require very little maintenance once installed.
  • Marble was created through a metamorphosis involving heat and pressure, its most common characteristic is calcium carbonate. It’s normally white, but often tinted by iron oxide, carbon and serpentine to form attractive shades of yellow, brown, green or black. Marble is available in a matt, polished or an aged (antiqued) finish for a more traditional look.


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Visit our projects page where we have been appointed to look at combination of Bathroom, Kitchen, Flooring and Splash Backs.

Olympic Marble - Project One

Project One

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Olympic Marble - Project Two

Project Two

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